Our revolutionary restaurant point-of-sale and menu software system brings ‘self-service’ directly to the customer at the table.

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  • The only POS system that makes you money
  • Increase sales and upsell
  • Improve wage efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Real time menu control
  • Collect customer data for strategic marketing
  • Analyse sales with real time reporting

With a suite of integrated products, Ai-Menu takes a 360 degree approach to help you serve smarter

64% of millennials prefer self service
– (MHI global report)

Point of Sale (POS)

Grow your business and facilitate transactions with one easy-to-use software application.

  • Design and implement customer loyalty programs
  • Offer seamless takeaway experience, be it via phone, online, OTC, or drive-through
  • Automate your discounts, holiday/weekend surcharge, and voucher processes
  • Manage tables, orders, receipts, payments, and bar tabs
  • Update and customize your menu, its prices, images, and other items
  • Keep track of the status of each tablet menu
  • Add users, customize security levels, and assign access
  • Manage your stock system and integrate it with your accounting software
  • Generate highly visual comprehensive reports

and so much more


Keep your finger on the pulse of your business and make data-driven decisions.

  • Review and compare your sales via a highly visual and fully customisable dashboard
  • Automatically generate and distribute reports to an unlimited number of stakeholders
  • Access your data any time from any device via a secure web portal
  • Reduce your operational costs by identifying patterns and forecasting trends
  • Make more accurate purchasing decisions based on historical data
  • Increase customer satisfaction through operational analysis
  • Add structure and transparency to your data


Delight your guests with a smart, user-friendly, and efficient ordering experience.

  • Deliver your menu to guests on a 7-inch Android tablet in an elegantly customised leather case
  • Allow your guests to order in a matter of minutes with a simple touch of a button
  • Have the orders sent instantly to the kitchen and bar
  • Update your menu live or on a schedule
  • Reduce your staff, printing, and other operational costs
  • Exponentially grow your sales by offering your guests seamless experience, facilitating an increased number of orders
  • Enable your guests to log in individual orders under their names and split the bill hassle-free
  • Offer your menu in any language, further boosting customer satisfaction


Give your kitchen staff a system that will allow them to maximise service efficiency.

  • Make your business more efficient, by digitising communication between your customers and kitchen staff
  • Display orders on a PC using a kitchen bump screen app that comes with fully customisable settings
  • Enable your staff to re-draw orders for maximum time efficiency
  • Analyse average wait time data and design more targeted training programmes
  • Improve employee engagement by giving your staff precise data on all outstanding ordered items, quick orders, takeaways, dining, etc.
  • Give your staff the option of bumping a single item or an entire table
  • Improve customer satisfaction through faster service, due to increased efficiency


Expand your business through a reliable online ordering system that’s easy to implement and maintain.

  • Add the online ordering capability to your website without any additional modules or plugins
  • Process payments in any mode you wish: credit cards, PayPal, and/or cash-on-pickup
  • Synchronise your POS server and your online store, making menu updates instant and automatic
  • Send digital customer invoices and orders to a local printer
  • Customise the setting to match your business needs and capabilities, be it opening hours or delivery options
  • Collect and analyse online takeaway orders’ delivery data
  • Automatically generate and distribute visual sales reports to an unlimited number of stakeholders


Create a stellar customer experience by paying attention to every touch point.

  • Pick from a range of kiosk options: table-top, small standalone, or large standalone
  • Empower your guests via payments self-service
  • Easily send customers’ digital invoices to a local printer
  • Make browsing through your menu a hassle-free engaging experience
  • Create stunning digital menus displayed on large screens, overcoming the limitations of printed menus
  • Add multiple WiFi connections for uninterrupted service
  • Reduce operational costs and increase your table turnover


Our Products

  • POS – Point-of-Sale solution designed top-down for mobile ordering
  • Menu – In-restaurant ordering tablet solution
  • Kiosk – Walk-up ordering kiosk
  • Bump – Digital kitchen systems
  • Online – Web-based takeaway ordering platform
Seamless integration with a suite of products allows real time analytics to provide excellent tools in regards to running your business more efficiently, scheduling staff based on real time requirements, as well as rewarding your customers for their loyalty.
75% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience
With over 100 venues using our integrated system and more than 2500 tablet menus installed Australia wide – Join the revolution to servesmarter.
95% of restauranteurs agree that restaurant technology improves business efficiency

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